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Sales Executive, Cloud and Secure Services


RekryilmoitusCybercom is an IT consulting company enabling companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world and to enhance their competitiveness. Combining technical edge and strong business insight we provide innovative and sustainable solutions. 

We are now looking for a 


to join Cybercom in Helsinki or in Tampere. We are looking for a Sales Executive to join our team as a solution selling professional to our continuous services area. 

Our Cybercom professionals always strive to help our customers to manage the entire value chain, and act as their local, agile and reliable partner. We help our customers to create new innovative business models, to develop agile services according to the business models, and to ensure continuity and security of the services.


As a Cybercom Sales Executive, you boost the development of our customers' business. You work together with the customers and help them find the digital solutions that improve competitiveness by leveraging public cloud services. You get the chance to acquire new customers and offer them comprehensive Cybercom service and in addition, you have the opportunity to develop cooperation with our existing, well-known customers. 

In your work, together with the customer, you create the solution that suits them best and implement it with your competent Cybercom colleagues. We hope you have a strong will to create long-lasting partnerships, network with people and decision-makers, support experts and share your knowledge and information to others.


You will succeed in this Sales Executive role, if you are systematic and active. We expect you to have strong proofs of successful B-to-B solution sales. In this role you are able to build confidential relationships with both IT and business decision makers. To be able to act in this role, we expect that the biggest public cloud services, AWS and Azure, are familiar to you to. Perhaps, in the past, you have worked with ongoing services and understand the cloud market. We hope you to have the ability to discuss with the customers about the best solutions and apply our service to the customer's needs in a value-added manner. Excellent interaction and communication skills in Finnish and in English are essential to succeed in this role.

We appreciate the experience and vision you have acquired in your previous work history with cloud services. 

Why Cybercom?

Cybercom offers you a great opportunity to succeed in Cloud and Secure Services sales. In the Nordic countries, we are the leading provider of cloud computing solutions. We have effective, broad strategic cooperation with major players in the market. We offer you the work environment with knowledgeable, relaxed and nice colleagues, modern offices in the heart of Helsinki and Tampere, and extensive employee benefits. Cybercom's culture offers great opportunity to develop and educate yourself, giving you a wide range of opportunities for professional development.

Read more about our announcement of a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

Did we catch your interest? 

Please send your CV with salary requests no later than Thursday 31.1.2019. 

If you want to ask more about this job opportunity, please contact our Managing Director Tapio Koivisto either on Monday 7.1.2019 at 16:00-17:00 or on Monday 14.1.2019 at 16:00-17:00, phone: +35840 542 8698.

At another times our recruiter Karoliina Heikkinen will answer your questions, you can find the contact information from below. 

We are waiting to hear from you soon! 
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Sijainti: Helsinki
Linkki: https://careerfinland.cybercom.com/jobs/166609-sales-executive-cloud-and-secure-services-hki-tre
Yhteydenotto: karoliina.heikkinen@cybercom.com


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