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Lead Designer (UI/UX (Service): We are seeking you to take the lead over the FIBRES user experience!



FIBRES runs on a distributed, modern cloud architecture and we seek only to use the best technologies available.

The Lead Designer's role and expected experience covers the following:

  • research and analysis of key user audiences, their domains, processes, and needs
  • iterative concept creation and design with the team and customers (prototyping, benchmarking, story mapping, etc.)
  • developing a design framework / pattern library
  • designing interactive visualizations and user interfaces to analysis services and AI
  • usability testing, metrics, interviews, A/B testing, analytics


For web / SaaS frontend development we'd still wish for you to work hands-on also:

  • user interface implementation with Angular (or similar), SCSS, D3, etc.
  • cucumber-style automated end-to-end testing
  • again, working in a clean SaaS architecture with RESTful APIs


It will be great if you have know-how on how these following will affect the software design, but don't worry, we've got two remarkable professionals working in these fields as their main domain:

  • cloud/SaaS architectures
  • working with AWS
  • continuous integration / continuous delivery solutions
  • RESTful APIs
  • Node.js
  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB)


Then, there's some additional stuff that might be of interest to you as well...

First, we are really, really keen on the high usability of our software in all aspects. We are not primarily developing a "power user" tool, but rather a user-friendly and engaging application for wide audiences.

Second, some of our current and upcoming customers are among the biggest corporations in the world. This is pretty cool of course, as you get to work with them directly also. In fact, even at the moment, we are co-operating with the UX Lab of one of the most valued brands that has ever existed on the planet. As far as spoken and written languages go alongside English and Finnish, fluent German doesn't hurt.

Third, we are building an AI-assisted SW and even a platform business model. In technology terms, this leads to e.g. a lot of hard-core analytics tech integrations, advanced recommendation engines, and so on...which in turn needs to be implemented on a highly engaging and responsive design...


Interested? We sure are. We'd, of course, wish to hear about all your wishes...and also to tell you more, especially about the passion we are using for fuel...so let's meet?

Give us a call/ txt/ email and let's arrange the first chat!


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Sijainti: Helsinki
Linkki: https://www.fibresonline.com/open-positions/
Yhteydenotto: panu.kause@fibresonline.com


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