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IT Service Chain Manager


RekryilmoitusDo you want to help Telia Finland to make business decisions driven by real data and help creating innovative new business based on our data? Are you an IT development expert with proven track record of successful excecution? Keep on reading, you may have just found your next career step that you were looking for!


We are now looking for an IT Service Chain Manager to work with us in our Data and Analytics IT team in Helsinki. Our mission is to enable data driven business by creating innovative data and analytics IT solutions for the New Generation Telco, together with our data scientists and reporting experts. Our team is part of Telia IT, built up by 12 internal data warehousing experts and extended with experienced consultants from our partner companies. Join the team of devoted and knowledgeable professionals, and help us going forward!

Your next challenge?

In this role you will be responsible for the most critical Data and Analytics IT services, which are defined as e2e IT service chains together with business stakeholders. These service chains enable and support business operations related to business-critical reporting and targeted customer communications. As the owner of the chains, you will ensure the chains are functioning properly and being developed towards improved efficiency, and in case of any disturbance, you will orchestrate efficient fixing of the issue across all related IT teams, and ensure transparency and communication also to the impacted stakeholders.


As an IT e2e owner and responsible for these chains, you will need deep business understanding of what the chains need to support and why. You will be accountable for the KPIs set to the chains, and you will define and ensure automated monitoring and KPI measuring accordingly. You will co-operate with business representatives, your colleagues (especially Data and Analytics IT service management) and with other relevant IT teams, according to your service chains.

Who are you?

Ideally you’ll have a university degree with at least 5 years of experience in IT development and management, especially in data warehousing and data analytics areas. You must have a proven track record in IT service management, stakeholder management and leading initiatives successfully.


We expect you to have experience on data warehousing and very large databases. Even though in this role you don’t need to be a technical expert, it would help if you had some high level knowledge on our key platforms and technologies, which include Oracle PL/SQL, Informatica, Cloudera big data stack, SAS and QlikView.


We expect you to work well in a multi-site cross-border team and with wide range of stakeholders, and be able to conduct your work fluently both in English and Finnish. We trust you are highly motivated, innovative, reliable, and dare to express your opinions. We appreciate analytical, structured and results-oriented ways of working.


To be successful in this role, you need to:

  • have strong organizing skills
  • be able to work in a hectic environment
  • be ready for new challenges
  • learn and adapt quickly
  • provide results in fast pace.


Save your application via our recruitment system (telia.fi/career) at the latest on 17.3.2019.

For more information about the opportunity, team or working at Telia, please contact Head of Data and Analytics (IT), Laura Heinonen (phone +358 40 302 1963 or email laura.heinonen@teliacompany.com).

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Linkki: https://www.telia.fi/telia-yrityksena/ura-telialla
Yhteydenotto: laura.heinonen@teliacompany.com


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