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Head of Finance


RekryilmoitusWe are looking for 

Head of Finance 

to join our Maker-team in Tampere or Helsinki office! 

This position is being both the statutory guardian (making sure everything is done correctly) and assuring we are compliant with all local accounting, tax etc. regulations.

We are looking for an accounting oriented person to develop our own finance processes and taking part of the Cybercom Group development in finance area.

Our ideal candidate is a business oriented person who will be a part of the management team of Cybercom Finland contributing by proactively supporting the whole team and suggesting improvements.

We want to find a finance professional, who is willing to develop our finance software and how we digitize the whole finance ecosystem as efficiently and smooth as possible.

We offer you a possibility to work in an exciting modern IT consulting company. In this role you have a possibility to participate both in local and group-level development and maximize the impact of your own professionality in the area of finance at Cybercom Finland and Cybercom Group.

You will also be working towards our goal to have a net positive sustainability impact in the world, commitment to generating sustainable business and assuring positive social development.

If above mentioned sounds interesting, read forward to the summary of this role's specifications:

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Responsible for the finance department comprising of two people and being the team leader 
  • Owner of the local processes for managing financial transactions within the company
  • Co-operating and aligning with Cybercom Group
  • Responsibility for monthly closing, cash flow forecasts and monthly reporting to Cybercom Group (IFRS)
  • Responsible for budgeting, forecasting, follow up and analysis
  • Being a business support to the managing director and business unit managers proactively suggesting and executing actions 
  • Responsibility for local statutory reporting according to local gap, such as annual report and income declaration and associated company administration
  • Responsibility for the company being compliant with Cybercom Group common financial policies
  • Responsible for tax, VAT as well as handling the issues related to these
  • Maintaining good relationships with external parties, for example auditors and tax advisors
  • Actively taking part in the continued development of processes, methods and tools in the finance area within the Cybercom Group

Experience & Competence

  • Experience from the role of finance manager or similar position, reporting to the managing director
  • Good knowledge in accounting, local gap and statutory reporting
  • Experience from working with cash flow analyzes
  • Relevant experience from financial systems and consolidated accounting systems
  • Academic degree in economics or equivalent
  • Fluent written and spoken Finnish and English skills, Swedish language skill is considered as a big plus 

Did you get interested about this opportunity?  

If we catched your interest, please send your application with CV and salary request through our career-site as soon as possible, we read application during the application period. Application time ends on Wednesday 26.6.2019.

If you want to know more about this role, please contact Karoliina Heikkinen, Head of Talent Acquisition, you can find the contact information from our career-site. 

We are looking for to hear from you soon!  

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Hakuaika: -
Sijainti: Tampere
Tampere or Helsinki office
Linkki: https://careerfinland.cybercom.com/jobs/240010-head-of-finance
Yhteydenotto: karoliina.heikkinen@cybercom.com


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