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Frontend Competence Lead


RekryilmoitusAre you a successful Frontend Developer with a desire to grow professionally and help people around you do the same? Do you have the experience or natural talent to lead people and help them get their competence to the next level? Are you into modern web development and eCommerce? Then you might be the one we are looking for! 

Vaimo, a global eCommerce agency is looking to hire a Frontend Competence Lead who feels at home developing top-notch eCommerce sites and leading a tribe of developers. 

Key Responsibilities

..as a Competence Lead

  • Lead a tribe of 4-6 individuals.
  • Work together with the Technical Manager to enable individual growth and competence development for the tribe members.
  • Facilitate activities that help tribe members grow their skill set in alignment with the business needs.
  • Be the direct manager for the people reporting to you.
  • Report to the Technical Manager.

.. as a Developer

  • You will be part of a delivery team that builds large and medium-size eCommerce solutions for our customers.
  • You will plan, develop, test, and document design implementations.
  • Provide technical consultation to other delivery team members.


  • Proven experience with front-end technologies: HTML5, Sass, React or Vue
  • Passion about software development, innovation, and creative thinking
  • Ability to clearly communicate in English, both verbal and written
  • Leadership skills such as empathy, accountability, and being able to solve problems
  • Team player both in attitude and achieving results
  • Eager to learn new technologies and share your expertise with other

Additional advantage if you have:

  • Deep understanding of Magento architecture and best practices
  • Experience in Magento or another eCommerce framework
  • Experience in PWA eCommerce frameworks (PWA Studio, Vue Storefront, etc.)
  • Experience with NodeJS, Docker, Elastic Search, NextJS/NuxtJS, Typescript


We have an exceptional team and we aim to create a very good work environment for our employees. Keeping our employees happy and motivated is one of our key business focus points and Vaimo’s success lies in its devoted and hard-working employees. We value open discussions and aim to reach ambitious goals together.


We care deeply about our core values, and we try to follow and respect them in all we do. Our values are:

Teamwork: When one of us wins, we all win and we celebrate together and share our learnings. When we face challenges, we collaborate and support each other to overcome obstacles together.

Fun: Our attitude is social, positive, and playful, and we appreciate challenges and love winning.

Excellence: We strive to be leaders and to always remain in a constant state of improving ourselves. We aim to be innovative, efficient, and competitive.

Open: We endeavour to be open-minded, honest, and transparent with each other and with our clients. Knowledge sharing is a key success factor for us.

We do serious work, but we are anything but serious people! We celebrate success together and learn from each other.

Additional benefits we offer to all of our employees:

  • Flexible working hours and remote work possibility
  • Lunch benefit
  • Sport and culture benefit
  • Comprehensive leisure-time accident insurance
  • Active support in health and wellbeing maintenance
  • Free home Internet
  • Free refreshments drinks and fruits at the office

Apply here:


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Hakuaika: -
Sijainti: Oulu
Linkki: https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/87881-vaimo-frontend-competence-lead/
Yhteydenotto: annuli.perttunen@vaimo.com


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