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Front-end Developer to hustle with JS and React


RekryilmoitusModern web applications rely more and more on rich JavaScript front-ends. We are looking to further strengthen our team with a specialized JavaScript role. You will be stepping into the team in exciting times, as the business is growing nicely and we are expecting the best year of all times this year. At Kisko you are able to bring all sorts of things to the table and further develop the way we do things.


You would be a dedicated JavaScript developer responsible for multiple different web applications which are built with React, Angular or plain vanilla JavaScript, you name it. You can check our references here.

We hope you to elevate us even further with modern JavaScript and work as a trusted advisor for not only our clients but also for kiskonians themselves by helping them to grow as professionals by sharing your knowledge. You will work alongside some of the best Ruby developers and talented designers. Our designers work closely with front-end code, too.

As one of the team mates, partner, CTO (if we’d care for titles) and true believer in Stoic values and rap music, Vesa, put it:

“We are looking for versatile software developers hungry to learn and improve themselves, the team, our tools and how we work. A person, who would enjoy working in small teams in close contact with our clients. Someone, who knows modern software development practices. We use GitHub, Travis CI, CodeClimate and other services to accomplish continuous delivery and great products.”


  • No to body renting. You’ll be working here with us.
  • Remote work whenever you need it
  • Great, laid-back teammates, no dick-heads
  • English speaking environment
  • Lots of freedom and responsibility
  • Great environment for personal and professional growth
  • 12 years of experience in building apps
  • All of Kisko’s partners are coders themselves
  • Those who sell have worked with apps. They know what they’re doing -> no shit will be piled to your desk.
  • Small but growing team (we’re currently 19 and possibly looking to get to the total team size of 20+)
  • The whole company was initially founded on the value of being a good place to work, “to make people happy”. It shows. There’s heart in this business.
  • Easily accessible location in Sörnäinen in an old hat factory
  • Yearly bonus of company profit
  • And of course the massages, crossfit membership, additional health insurance covering also free time activities and other fun factors.


We are happy to tell you more and connect with fellow developers so do reach out to Kisko’s Chief Happiness Officer Anna and she’ll tell you or connect you with our people. If you feel we have some common ground, let us hear from you in Finnish or English:

contact@kiskolabs.com / 0505434088 (WhatsApp is also a possibility).

Kisko Labs Oy logo


Hakuaika: 30.11.-1 - 24.6.2020
Sijainti: Helsinki
Vilhonvuorenkatu 11D, 00500 Helsinki
Linkki: https://www.kiskolabs.com/en/careers/
Yhteydenotto: contact@kiskolabs.com


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