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Developer (HubSpot team)


Rekryilmoitus“Here at Evermade, we are building Finland’s best HubSpot CMS team. Could you be our next HubSpot developer? In this role, you will be our clients’ technical partner and develop websites on HubSpot’s CMS. If you have no previous experience with HubSpot, don’t worry. Frontend skills and an interest in HubSpot are the most important – we’ll teach you the rest :)”

-Mikael Toivio, Developer, designer & founder

Every company promises meaningful projects, great benefits and free drinks. So do we. We stand out because we do not send you to sit with unknown people every other quarter. All our work is proudly done in-house, at our cosy office in downtown Helsinki or from a remote location of your choice. We have recently worked with several HubSpot clients such as Smartly and The Qt Company.  

At Evermade, you will be involved in client relationships from idea to implementation and further development. What’s more important to us than jumping from one project to another is the ability to maintain long-term client relationships and be a reliable technical partner to our clients. We offer a calm and open working environment where you can develop solutions in the long term and work in good spirit with your team and the client. Good relationships with clients are what makes working at Evermade pleasant.

Along your journey, you will help us pick the best tools and technologies, meet clients, work with designers, spar with other developers, write magnificent code and make sure that the end result is perfect for the client. We appreciate problem-solving skills and enthusiasm to make the web a better place.   

We would like you to have:

  • Front-end skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) 
  • The ability to take initiative and work independently; we value a culture where everyone tries their best to make clients and colleagues happy
  • Previous CMS experience (doesn’t have to be HubSpot, other experience will help you too!)
  • Backend skills (if you have experience in Hubl, awesome! If not, we’ll teach you.)
  • Fluent written and spoken English is a must, as it is our official working language.

What we offer:

  • A team that cares about your well-being and development
  • 12 days a year to spend on learning and developing your professional skills
  • Full-time employment, flexible hours and the tools of your choice
  • Opportunity to work remotely or in an inspiring office right in the heart of Helsinki
  • For those working mostly remotely, an electric desk and office chair for the home office for free
  • Free drinks, snacks and bad jokes to keep you feeling refreshed at all times
  • Extensive health care, dental care and insurance for both work and free-time
  • Lunch card and sports & culture benefit
  • A casual, modern workplace without unnecessary bureaucracy 


“We don’t mind if you don’t yet have experience in HubSpot. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is more important, and HubSpot is something we can teach you. We are interested in seeing your skills, so send us your work! If the project involved others, tell us what your role was so that we can better understand your skill level. Don’t stress about not being good enough. Send us your application, and we’ll have a chat!”

  – Mikael 

“Starting in my role as a complete junior, I had many doubts and worries about how things will go. But right from the first day at Evermade, I was surrounded by great mentors and an amazing team. Rather than being in “survival mode”, I’ve had a very exciting learning path. I think sharing successes with each other and moving forward together is very valuable.”

– Fedor, Developer

Feel like we’d be a good match? Send us your application! The position will be filled as soon as we find the right fit.

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Sijainti: Helsinki, Turku
Linkki: https://evermade.hire.trakstar.com/jobs/fk02t92


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