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Cloud Security Specialist

RekryilmoitusWe are great at what we do, and everything we do, we do with a huge heart. Our team members are skilled professionals with a humble mind, building a better tomorrow as their main priority. Our Maker spirit is high as the sky and free of hierarchies and unnecessary stiffness. If you don't know how to do something, there is always someone to help you out. We are a stable expert organisation with a hint of that famous IT hype.

We are now strengthening our Cloud team of makers and we are looking for a

Cloud Security Specialist

In this position you will act as a cloud infrastructure specialist with an information security focus for our named customers. You will play a major role in defining, planning and implementing cloud infrastructure architecture (AWS or Azure). Your mission is to ensure that our customers’ public cloud operative information security is well balanced with their business requirements. Ideally, you are familiar with both Azure and AWS platforms but we are also happy if you bring know-how from either one. You will have an independent role, but you’ll be working closely with several stakeholders such as our customers’ information security officers and your cloud architect colleagues.

You have a good understanding of business operations and what information security solutions are required to support them. When it comes to information security, you perceive the big technical picture easily, and you are capable to provide up-to-date solutions when defining and planning the requirements and needs in the organisation as well as implementing best practises efficiently. You also ensure that the technical means of information security meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements as you have a responsibility in audits related to them as well as action planning afterwards.

In addition, for being a cloud infrastructure professional, we hope you are naturally and genuinely interested in information security matters. You take full responsibility for your own work and proud of its results. With us and through our various assignments you’ll have a great opportunity to strengthen your cloud architecture professional’s toolbox and - if you are willing to – develop yourself further into a competence lead or an advisor related to cloud security solutions.

So, What Are These Makers?

Our Makers comprise a cohesive work community, and are skilled IT professionals with a comprehensive skillset. The top priority for this entity is to provide our customers sustainable, longterm solutions - fast bucks are left for the slot machines.

Some of our Makers are working at our own offices and some of them are working at the customer sites, but regular office days with a tasty breakfast is part of our Makers' work lives. Since these Makers are our greatest asset, we want to take extra good care of them: in addition to the above-mention breakfasts, we offer comprehensive personnel benefits, regular after works and other activities - just to name a few.

Our open and innovative culture is built to support self development: to accomplish this, we offer rewards from e.g. completed open source projects, internal demo projects and online courses.

Do I Have a Potential to Become a Maker?

If you identify yourself as a stone hard professional or on the path to becoming one and to whom high quality is of great importance - then absolutely!

If it comes naturally to you to avoid being stuck on just one way to do things and you have the ability to see the "big picture", Cybercom has definitely a lot to offer.

In case you became convinced, apply now! We read all the applications and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you'd like to know more about our lives here at Cybercom, the best way to do so is to follow our Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Sijainti: Helsinki, Tampere
Linkki: https://careerfinland.cybercom.com/jobs/304696-cloud-security-specialist
Yhteydenotto: karoliina.heikkinen@cybercom.com


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