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Cloud devops/SRE specialists


RekryilmoitusWe have several open positions in our cloud services group for persons who want to participate in providing cloud computing services to our users.

At CSC we have a long history of supporting Finnish research and IT, from hosting the first supercomputers to bringing the Internet to Finland and still running the FTP service where the first Linux kernel was uploaded.

Our cloud services support a wide range of use-cases focusing on research, science, training and education but it's also a platform for CSC internal and external services, and international use for scientific collaboration. We run these services in our own datacenters which are located in Finland.

You'll get to work with modern open source tools to provide IT services that have a big impact on research and education in Finland and Europe.

We have several cloud platforms, and we'll put you into the best use working for a team that suits both your interests and skills. We strongly value team work, and you'll be supported by people that will help you learn what you need. We also are excited for any unique skillsets you bring to the team. Our teams work with modern agile methods.

We have positions in both our OpenStack Infrastructure cloud services, and our OKD/Kubernetes-based container services.

OpenStack is used to provide an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. Work in the OpenStack team is a closer to the hardware, and making sure we can provide a modern way to use IT infrastructure for our customers.

The OKD-based service provides Kubernetes container orchestration and is closer to the application level, and has more focus on containers.

If you enjoy working with customers, we also have dedicated places for customer cloud solution specialists, which helps our customers to use our platforms.

For non-technical skills, we value

• Team work skills

• Curiosity, and self motivation

• Customer communication skills

• Experience in agile work methods, e.g. Scrum

Good technical background in Linux-based systems is mandatory for any of these positions.

Nice-to-have technical skills include:

• Automation tools (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform)

• git experience

• CI/CD pipeline experience

• Python skills

• Understanding cloud services

• Being aware of IT security in planning and implementation

For the OpenStack position specifically, we appreciate:

• Knowledge of IT infrastructure, e.g. networking, storage, compute, virtualization

• OpenStack knowledge, or experience of supporting technologies, e.g. KVM

For the OKD/Kubernetes position we appreciate:

• Knowledge and experience of containers (e.g. Docker)

• Knowledge and experience on Kubernetes

For the customer solution position we appreciate:

• Good understanding of cloud technologies

• Good communication and problem solving skills

The jobs are challenging, wide-ranging, and an opportunity to learn. Our teams are there to support you in your training. Come work in a unique place with exciting technologies in great teams!

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Hakuaika: 24.5.2022 - 31.12.2022
Linkki: https://skills.csc.fi/rekry/#/job/2597?portal=rekry2&source=app
Yhteydenotto: rekry@csc.fi


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