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Application Software Engineers, Peikko Designer®

RekryilmoitusWe are creative and ambitious software team in Peikko Group. Our passion is to bring innovative and quality applications for structural engineers to help them in their structural engineering, drafting and detailing jobs. Now we want to strengthen our competences in software technologies and frameworks, leading to increased efficiency and speed of software development activities inside our company. Therefore, we are seeking for  

Application Software Engineers, Peikko Designer® 

What is this job all about?

This is an open position inside our R&D organization, where you in our software team will build up and strengthen competences in software delivery. Our mission is to speed up and further develop our Peikko Designer®. According to our strategy we provide designers globally with Peikko Designer® on our website for free. This is to support designers’ work – aimed at helping them in their selecting of optimal solutions, and to do their job even more fluent, faster, easier and more reliable.

The ultimate goal is to develop Peikko Designer® to increase sales globally according to company’s strategy.  

You, as team member, will report directly to Senior Manager, Peikko Designer®, and be located in Finland, preferably in Lahti or Pori. 

What skills are we looking for?

  • Knowledge of Microsoft cloud and desktop as well web technologies, services and APIs thereon.
  • Experience in programming.
  • Very good communication, collaboration and team working skills.
  • Interested in learning more.
  • Fluent spoken and written English.
  • Bachelor’s degree or applicable in Software Engineering.
  • Knowledge of structural engineering, construction practices and common engineering and modelling applications is a plus but not strictly required.

What are we offering?

We offer you a challenging role in which you can boost and develop your career with responsibility of further development of Peikko Designer® modules as cloud services.

We are a low-hierarchy organization valuing independence, freedom and efficiency, which means that by working with us you have a chance to impact. It’s all up to you.


If you want to know more about this role or our company, we are happy to answer. Please call our Senior Manager Juha Airola, +358 50 559 3371. 

Application will be open until 30.11.2021, so please send your CV and application before that to tyohakemukset@peikko.com. We look forward to receiving your application!

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Hakuaika: 28.10.2021 - 30.11.2021
Sijainti: Lahti, Pori
Linkki: https://www.peikko.com/careers/open-positions/application-software-engineers-peikko-designer-r/
Yhteydenotto: tyohakemukset@peikko.com


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