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API Architects


RekryilmoitusDigia has the strongest API team in the Nordics with business, methodology and technology vision. We help our customers to communicate more efficiently, open interfaces securely to other organizations and consumers, and to create new digital services, applications and business. As the demand of our API knowledge grows, we are looking for new enthusiastic API Architects to join our growing team in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku or Jyväskylä.

About your tasks

As an API Architect you will design and develop API and integration solutions which could link to, for example, microservices, cognitive services, IoT data or AI. No week is the same than previous one, as new technologies rise, and methods develop constantly. In your role you discuss with the customers to understand their needs and plan suitable solutions to benefit their business processes. You get to evaluate and choose best suiting technologies. You will lead and support the development team and share your knowledge.

You get to work with

  • Node.js, Python, React, relation and NoSQL databases
  • Clouds (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google)
  • API Management products (IBM, API Connect, WSO2 and Azure API Management)
  • DevOps and Lean principles.

About this team

This is a team of constant development and growth. Developers, consultants and project managers support each other, so you are never alone. With internal hackathons, retros or mob programming we learn from each other. We test our new ideas and methods for example in our API Hackatemia, hackathons and competitions - successfully! We develop high quality APIs and methods (API Canvas, APIOps Cycles and API Audit) and enable a more DevOps culture to our customers.

We are quite relaxed, too. We don’t collect extra working hours, because life is more than just work. We want you to enjoy it, and offer possibilities to flexible hours, remote work, interesting leisure time activities and other work benefits. In your working time you can also network in special interest group meetings of many kind.

We have noticed that APIs itself won’t solve all the problems in the world. They need the support of modern architecture to succeed. Thus, if you have architect experience already – great! However, the most important thing is your drive to grow into an API talent. Help the best team in the Nordics to become the best in Europe.

Sounds good?

Apply for the position as soon as possible, latest on March 31th. Send us your cover letter and CV. We want to hear what kind of tasks you are interested in and what kind of API knowledge you already may have. For more information, feel free to call our architect Jani Iivari, phone: +358407537269.

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Hakuaika: -
Sijainti: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku
Linkki: https://www.digia.com/rekrytointi/avoimet-tyopaikat/api-architects/


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