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AI solution architect


RekryilmoitusBittium is a Finnish engineering company where we design our own products and carry out demanding R&D projects for our customers all over the globe. Our core competence is in secure wireless data transfer and designing complete products and low level software. Our customers trust us when they need products and solutions for medical and defense organizations, network operators and manufacturers.


If you ask a person what is best in their work at Bittium, almost everyone says ”the work is very versatile”. This means, that the projects and ventures are very versatile but also, that the way of work is rich and fluent. Here you can put your heart into your work, work with a great team in progressing pace and you can feel proud of what you have accomplished. Those individuals, who tend to look outside the box, think a bit bigger and are eager to get their voices and ideas heard seem to thrive here at Bittium. The hard core of our business is our staff’s skill and enthusiasm to create something new. Also, we have modern and functional work environments, good benefits, ergonomics and tools are up-to-date. As an employer we are fair and flexible, we make decisions close, with common sense and listen to our staff.

We are looking for an AI solution architect

As our AI architect you will be the glue between our data scientists, data engineers, developers, and operations (DevOps, MLOps etc.) as well as business owners and owner of our AI strategy. You will govern our AI initiatives and make sure that they take our AI architecture strategy forward. 

In your role, you will collaborate with data scientists and other AI professionals to build up our digital transformation efforts within our medical service offerings. 

You will align technical implementation with existing and future requirements by gathering inputs from different stakeholders – business users, data scientists, security professionals, data engineers, analysts and of course those in IT operations. You will align technical implementation with existing and future requirements and develop processes and products based on the inputs you gather in cooperation with different stakeholders.

We are expecting you to have a mindset for continuous improvement and innovation that cultivate the culture in which we are developing our products and services for the medical field. 

Skills needed to be successful in this position

Technical skills include:

  • Knowhow and hands-on experience on Microsoft Azure environment or other Public Cloud Service Providers solutions.
  • An in-depth knowledge of components and architectural trade-offs involved across the data management, governance, model building, deployment and production workflows of AI.
  • Data science and advanced analytics, including knowledge of advanced analytics tools (such as Python) along with applied mathematics, ML and Deep Learning frameworks and ML techniques (such as random forest and neural networks).
  • Understanding of human biosignals and phenomena when measuring some of the following: ECG, EEG, sleep polygraphy. Fluency in digital signal processing is a major advantage.
  • Studies on human physiology and/or experience in working with clinical professionals is a plus.
  •  AI architecture and pipeline planning. Understand the workflow and pipeline architectures of ML and deep learning workloads. Understanding of Software engineering and DevOps principles, including knowledge of DevOps workflows and tools, such as Git, containers, Kubernetes and CI/CD.

Non-technical skills include:

  • Thought leadership. Be the change agent to help the organization adopt an AI-driven mindset. Take a pragmatic approach to the limitations and risks of AI.
  • Collaborative mindset and collaboration skills. To ensure that AI platforms deliver both business and technical requirements, seek to collaborate effectively with data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, ML engineers, other architects, business unit leaders and similar (technical and nontechnical personnel). 

Interested? Send your application today – we will contact interesting candidates without delay.

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Hakuaika: 2.5.2022 - 6.6.2022
Sijainti: Oulu
Linkki: https://rekrytointi.com/avoimet-tyopaikat/bittium-biosignals-oy/ai-solution-architect/1560111/


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