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Account Owner


RekryilmoitusWe are welcoming an easy-going yet organized Account Owner to assist some of our lovely customers on their digitalization journey.

In your role as Account Owner you will be at the heart of things, working in a team together with our System Developers. You will be representing Developers as well as customers and stakeholders, ensuring that the solutions are implemented on time and in accordance with the planned specifications. You will be keeping an eye on the Developers’ workload, guiding them forward and enabling smooth communication between everyone involved. Integrations, backlog grooming, additional sales, progress reports (as needed ;) ) and meetings with people will fill your days.

What we are looking for:

Below we’ve listed qualities and know-how that could come in handy. We obviously don’t expect you to tick all the boxes but if you match at least some of them it would be awesome!

For a match made in heaven, it would be good if you:

  • possess technical understanding of the implementation that is done in Azure, .NET, C#, SQL and DevOps to make sure the System Developers are on the right track
  • can communicate business requirements and adjust technical discussions to match customers’, stakeholders’ and Developers’ levels of understanding
  • possess knowledge and understanding of product development and management
  • are solution-oriented, communicative and structured
  • have an agile mindset
  • pay attention to details but can also comprehend the big picture
  • have good written and spoken English, Swedish and/or Finnish

What we do:

At Gambit, we digitize to make things easier. Our mission is to make every work day better than the previous one for our customers (#OurPrideAndJoy) thanks to our business-oriented apps and 3rd party integrations.

We are today a bunch of forty-something various wizards such as Developers, Designers, Technical Managers, Account Owners, Customer Experience Managers etc. Our people are our greatest asset and it’s thanks to them that the magic keeps happening!

What we value:

Creating a positive working environment is one of our driving forces and this year we’ve got our mind set on well-being. You might have heard that we were announced Ostrobothnia’s equality company of the year 2021 (#HumbleBrag). To us, diversity and equality mean that we hire people we know can do a good job – it’s as simple as that.

At Gambit, we enjoy what we do and trust our colleagues to always have our back (#WonderfulPlaceToWork). Everyone is welcome to express their opinion, both when it comes to deciding on the type of coffee milk and to developing our strategy (#SpeakYourMind). We believe this is a great way to continue evolving and offering the best solutions to our customers that both they and we are proud of (#DeliverGreatness).

As we like to work hard and play hard, we make sure to make time for a lot of crazy (read: nerdy) stuff as well. This includes costume parties, baseball tournaments, murder mysteries (no worries – no one has ever been injured so far), movie evenings, barbeques, board games and trips abroad just to mention a few (#HaveSomeFun). Now you have had a short but sweet introduction to some of our values – just like that!

Our hangout places (sometimes referred to as offices) are located in Vaasa, Pietarsaari and Varkaus. For this position you’d be working from our newly renovated space in Vaasa or from our cozy place in Pietarsaari. Both locations offer tasty lunch alternatives and most importantly – truly kind and caring colleagues (promise!).

What to do next:

If this doesn’t sound too bad, please apply here: https://www.gambitgroup.fi/account-owner/. The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person so send us your application pronto! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Oy Gambit Labs Ab logo


Hakuaika: 30.11.-1 - 14.6.2021
Linkki: https://www.gambitgroup.fi/account-owner/


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