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PROPHECY is a forum for the digital future. It’s an open call to visionary storytellers, digital tribe people and new friends, sharing brave ideas and revelation of conditioned events to come.

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PROPHECY event supports Yle in creating two visionary white papers: Yle Online Media Vision and The Future of IPR. Our underlying theme is to prepare us to answer the needs of 2020.

Setting a long-term online media vision in the modern world is overwhelming. In addition to Live broadcast, TV catch-up, catalogues and web-only movies the Yle online offering includes prolific archive publishing, radio channels and NHL result service to name a few. From this versatile point of view, we must take a holistic look in order to create the new vision for our beloved online media. We believe that the experts who do better tend to be multidisciplinary. They pursue multiple approaches and rely more on observation than on theory. We welcome you to join the journey of seeking inspiration and advice from the modern prophets of Television, Internet, Society, Design, Education and beyond.

Our method is a one-day-long, futuristic event mixing keynotes with a giant workshop. Yle Studio 2 will be turned into a laboratory for 100 participants. For the rest we will provide a live stream through Yle Areena.

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