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That unpleasant thing between talk and results

Bloggaus“We came up with the idea that from today on, we will be doing our things differently.” I bet you have heard some sort of sentence like this during your working life? In these situations how you have reacted? Any thoughts like; “Oh, same old same” “Again some new so called innovative ideas which will never work”, “I belive it when I see it” “Yeah right”?
In recent years the hype, discussion and talks have been around the digitalization. People have given different angles, shared their opinions and tips and tricks how it should be done. Lots of articles and comments are flying around in social media. Everything is about digitalization, digitalization, digitalization, digitalization, digitalization, digitalization. And then what?

Don’t get me wrong. It is essential to plan, discuss and talk about things but enough is enough. We should start to act. We discuss, we act and we get results. Simple as that. However it seems to be that middle one is somehow the most unpleasant thing to do and ironically that is the most important one. It is the golden connector between discussion and results. Why it is so hard to act and execute?
I think that in that stage of the process you are most vulnerable. All your wonderful ideas and plans comes to alive. It is your time to show that your idea will actually work and it is not only about discussion. Well of course there is always risk that reality shows that your idea does not work but so what? Then you try a new one.
When you start to execute your idea, you must ensure that your execution leads to results. Your act needs to have enough impact whether it is inside your organization, within your customers or within your stakeholders. You do this with “execution forces” such as by setting proper mechanisms, processes, concepts or utilize data analytics which will force the execution to be done in correct way. It is just not enough that you tell people and hope that they should start to do things differently. Let me give some very simple examples:
• Idea: We should raise our customer service level.
o Example execution force: Set up forced process steps and loops in customer service process which ensures that customer is served as planned.

• Idea: We should innovate more.
o Example execution force: Set up award system for people to promote great innovations.

• Idea: We should have more inbound sales.
o Example execution force: Set up predefined process and responsibilities to produce content to your website.

• We should attract more recruitments and talents
o Example execution force: Gather data and feedback from lost applicants and adjust your action based on data.

As you can see, the execution forces are not complicated at all. They are just simple little things that ensures that action will happen and will get results. But without any execution force, your great idea might just remain as great idea without any results. I advise you to start at least with bit by bit. Most important thing is that you start.
Next time when you are on the verge of trying new things I encourage you to consider following: “What could be the worst thing that could happen if I act and try this”? I bet in most of the cases the answer is nothing. Well okay, some people might think you as a loser or make jokes about you. So what? At least you tried and then you try something else.
By the way, we at Headstart are fed up to only talk about digitalization. It is already time to act. We want to make change and lower the bar for our customers to try new things in the digital era. Main fundamental idea in our Future as an Experience -concept is that we actually take the action and we force the results out of the great ideas. 

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