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Sporting goods retailer increased their web store conversion by 8%


A European sporting goods retailer wanted to increase its online sales and started using Giosg chat tool in December 2014 in their Finnish web store. 

The chat was available to all web store visitors while those visitors recognized as the most potential buyers received proactive chat messages with an automated, context-related opening line.

The strategies to increase sales were twofold; First, converting hesitant visitors into buyers by providing reassurance and various incentives and second, selling more to those who had already made the buying decision. 

Visitors with chat 7 times more likely to buy

The retailer has around 150.000 - 300.000 weekly visitors on its web store, so it would be a nightmare to contact all of them. That’s why we set up a number of rules to proactively engage in conversation with only those who are most likely affected by the

This resulted in targeting roughly 10% of the total visitors with automated, proactive chat window with pre-designed opening message. 

We are consistently reporting up to seven-fold conversion rates to visitors engaging in chat conversation compared to regular visitors.

Five chat operators handle up to 4000 monthly conversations

The retailer first started the chat operations by assigning two of their call center employees to operate the chat alongside their regular tasks. As the chat quickly proved its value, the retailer wanted to put more focus on it and outsourced the chat operations to a local service provider. 

In start of 2016, there are 2-5 operators simultaneously online on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm. As one operator can handle multiple conversations at once, the total number of chat conversations circle around 2.500 - 4.000 monthly.

A/B test proved 8% conversion rate

We conducted an A/B-test in late 2015 to find out the overall sales increase from having a chat tool in use. We divided the web store visitors into two groups, one without proactive chat messages and the other targeting 10% of the group’s visitors with proactive chat messages. The test proved an effective 7,93% increase in the overall web store conversion, which directly means an additional 7,93% in sales. 

That is, for every $1 million the sporting goods retailer has in sales, the existence of a proactive chat tool brings an additional $79.300 in sales.

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