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Redesigning the Finnish Tax Administration’s analytics organisation

ReferenssiA new way of working was required to enable faster lead times, better quality, and more motivated & happy employees. Finnish Tax Administration (FTA) found Spotify’s Tribe model inspirational and wanted to try something similar.

The Challenge

The problem was multifaceted. FTA's analysts were working in functional teams, with efforts scattered amongst a multitude of projects. The ability to communicate strategic priorities and enable multidisciplinary cross-unit work around emerging phenomena was limited. As a result, lead times weren’t ideal, final outputs had a limited perspective on the problem at hand, and the established way of working had a negative impact on employee satisfaction and productivity.

What we did

To address team-level topics, we launched three experiments with multidisciplinary teams working closely with internal clients. The work was linked to wider organizational needs and shared business objectives were established. The teams utilized our Lean Service Creation methodology and agile practices to structure their work and enable regular feedback from internal clients. Participants of the experiment reported higher work satisfaction, faster lead times, and increased customer satisfaction.

To address organization-level issues, such as strategic steering, prioritization, resourcing and decision making in general, we helped Finnish Tax Administration form organizational level prioritization criteria for their workflows. This ensured the analytics teams are working on the most pressing business problem at any given time. We also addressed the resourcing and decision-making problems that arose when the new way of working conflicted with existing organizational practices.

Finally, we supported FTA's internal communication strategy and helped them map out how to scale the change inside their organization.

Why it matters

Finnish Tax Administration is now able to set clear targets together with relevant KPIs to steer their analytics work efficiently towards strategic goals. Together, we built a collaborative working model that enables cross-unit prioritization, with the analysts playing an important role in the process. Finnish Tax Administration set up agile and cross-disciplinary ways of working for the whole analytics organization - on both the team and tribe level - leading to improved lead times and better quality of work.

The new, more people-centric leadership style, is designed to improve employee satisfaction and work quality. Furthermore, the new way of working promotes learning possibilities as part of daily work, enabling analytics competence development and individual professional growth.

The final outcome of the tribe model in Finnish Tax Administration can be determined after the model has been used in practice for a few months.

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