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Kaks.io Labs Quick Tips: 5 things you can do with workflows


Workflows come in handy when you wish to automate a process. They are useful tools in guaranteeing that all of your contacts get treated with the same devotion.

Why use workflows? When contacts meet specific trigger criteria, they will automatically enroll in your pre-determined workflow. This saves you heaps of time as you no longer have to monitor visitors manually on your site.

What are my options? HubSpot offers five different types of workflows. A workflow can be based on a Contact, Company, Deal, Ticket or Quote.

How do I get started? You can find workflows in HubSpot from the automation-tab and select workflows. When you enter the workflows-workspace, you can choose what you want to base your workflow on and get started with the process.

All workflows have in common that you can either create your workflow from scratch, or you can choose a ready-made solution from the templates-tab. Remember, that you can set unenrollment triggers to unenroll or exclude objects from your workflows. All workflows follow the same logic when creating them, but here is a list of examples what you can do with each function. The rest is up to you - get creative!

1. Contact-based workflow gives you the opportunity to automate actions related to an individual contact. With a contact-based workflow you can automate a series of emails for a contact and ensure that they get the attention they deserve. When a contact downloads a guide from your site, you can send an email with suggestions for similar types of content.

2. Company-based workflow gives you the opportunity to enroll an entire company in your workflow. Start your company-based workflow when a company becomes your customer and make sure you stay connected and communicate to contacts with relevant information and assign check-up calls to your team members.

3. Deal-based workflows ensure that when a new deal is created, a certain person in your team gets notified. You can choose to automate the creation of tasks for different team members. This is an easy way of standardizing how your deals are being handled internally.

4. Ticket-based workflows are a feature connected to HubSpot's tickets for customer service. Whenever a ticket is created, you can choose to automate a series of tasks and actions to ensure that your client in need is being well taken care of. This could mean that an email is sent out to inform the customer that someone will reach out to them and a task will automatically be created for a team member.

5. Quote-based workflow enables you to set enrollment triggers related to your quotes. When a quote is sent you can automate a series of actions. Make sure that team members stay up-to-date and have standardized actions and tasks assigned to them. Create a seamless stream - it will benefit all parties involved.

Where do I find it? Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can enroll and update contacts with workflows. Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise users and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users can enroll and update companies, deals, quotes, or tickets with the workflows tool.

Check out our Quick Tips-series for your next automation move.

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