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Responsive and responsible
Owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, the HYY Group is a multibusiness corporate group operating in the fields close to students’ lives. The new responsive website truly complements the group’s responsible core values. 

Simple and clear content
Clear messages and simple site structure is the core of every good site. With HYY Group, the client was very enthusiastic about clarifying the site to make it serve its purpose to the fullest. With this in mind, we could focus on the main elements that make the site accessible and easy to use.

Sophisticated WordPress solution
From the beginning, WordPress was a natural choice for the new HYY Group website because of its responsiveness and easy maintenance. It also enables seamless integration with social feeds and map services that top off the essence of HYY Group.

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Tilaaja: HYY Group
Ajankohta: 2013


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