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How to take first steps with SAP Fiori?


Why SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori apps are a package of pre-built applications for SAP with award winning UX and build upon latest cutting-edge technologies. Traditionally SAP screens were much hated by the business users which hinders business to tap the full value out of their SAP implementation. Thus, SAP launched a new technology for its ‘face’ which makes users fall in love with and helps business to achieve true value from SAP.

SAP Fiori RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) provides pre-packaged Fiori apps making it seamless for SAP businesses to go live in 3 weeks. Fiori RDS is a comprehensive solution that consists of 10,200+ business applications to address various business challenges across multiple lines of business.

  • Provides role-based and real-time access
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Personalized and coherent user experience (UX)
  • Easy and responsive to use across of any device

SAP Fiori Implementation

Our experts at Cerion would help you in your journey into SAP Fiori. With proven business practices and highly experienced experts, we assess your business needs and address the challenges to minimize the turn-around time of implementation to as little as 3 weeks. We have the expertise to enable Fiori solutions for your enterprise in a safe and secure way so that your existing business is not impacted in any sense. Fiori consultants and Fiori UX experts from Cerion help you in:

1.    SAP Fiori Assessment and Demo

As SAP Fiori implementation partner, Cerion would provide a FREE comprehensive assessment of your existing SAP landscape and would walk you through the Fiori apps with a demonstration. We also collaborate with you in identifying the most suitable and desired Fiori apps for your business to attain the instant value from your investment.

  • End-to-end Fiori assessment, validation of SAP infrastructure
  • Demo of Fiori apps
  • Prerequisites and recommendations for Fiori implementation

2.    SAP Fiori Installation and configuration

Cerion would help you in identifying the required components which your BASIS team can install. Once those components are installed, our experts would configure your system to enable the apps.

  • Identify required components and SAP notes
  • End-to-end configuration of SAP Fiori system and launchpad

3.    Activating the Fiori apps, training and Go-live

Once your system is ready, we would activate the agreed list of standard Fiori apps. Once the standard apps are activated, few key-users would be trained on these apps. Post training, they would test these apps and we would be ready to go-live with these ever-charming Fiori apps in production system.

4.    Optional: Extending SAP Fiori apps

Businesses and its processes vary from company to company. Although these applications are built to cover the whole processes, it might require some tuning to suit your business needs. We at Cerion, have a team of experts who can extend these apps to cater your specific requirements.

Bring value to your enterprise

  • Defined scope, cost, time; get business mobilized in 3 weeks.
  • Fixed and flexible deployment options
  • Deployment based on SAP qualified RDS model
  • Comprehensive FREE assessment of existing landscape with recommendations
  • Instant rise in productivity with quick implementation, powers users with instant access to real-time data allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime
  • Preconfigured Fiori Apps speed up delivery and time to value
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