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Honda - Access and connectivity for personalised driving experience

ReferenssiHonda Motor Co. is a Japanese producer of automobiles, motorcycles, engines and power equipment, aircrafts, and robots. For over a half century, the multinational corporation manufactures and markets automobiles and accessories. Over the years, Honda cars have been recognised repeatedly for leadership in performance, fuel-efficiency, and value retention.

Future-proofing the vehicle

In the last thirty years, manufacturing improvements have extended the life-time of a car more than twice, to over a decade. However, while customers enjoy ever-increasing longevity of mechanics, producers are concerned with the ways to innovate in-vehicle experience, which has become as important as the car’s ability to start, run and brake.

Digital technologies have transformed driving by bringing in utility and entertainment. It applies to both pre-installed software in the car’s head unit and mobile devices used by whoever is on the front seat. Having got familiar with their digital features at home, customers are now expecting the same quality of the experience in car.

In-Vehicle Infotainment technologies, or IVI, are designed to deliver information, entertainment, and utilities to monitor the car’s performance and encourage economical driving. Opportunities for connecting a car with a smartphone or a tablet are constantly becoming more important factor for differentiation and purchase decision.

With its IVI initiative, Honda aimed to deliver connectivity and convenience on the road in order to turn driving into something more that moving from one place to another. By uniting all systems into an integrated service the solution had to offer impeccable performance with future-proof technology, and, most importantly, contribute to safe and enjoyable driving.

Designing for safe connection

One of challenges raising before designers and developers of the IVI solutions is in the way to seamlessly integrate the car and digital devices without compromising safety. Based on the industry standards, Honda’s own research, and best practices, we developed safety guidelines accounting for the three types of driving-related distractions: visual, manual and cognitive.

Based on the safety recommendations and the brand guidelines, we created a user interface that enables the seamless user experience and consistent communications. Connecting all the devices targeted at keeping up to ever-increasing customer expectations with regard to both performance and usability.

For fast and reliable delivery, the service was built upon our two proven technologies: Experience Store for Automotive and the private cloud platform. The combination of the solutions enables distributing the content through a single channel and keeping it up-to-date throughout the entire life-cycle of the vehicle.

Honda App Store was announced at Mondial de l'Automobile (Paris Auto Show) in October 2014 and added as a standard feature on all new Honda vehicles sold across Europe starting in 2015. Since June 2015, the solution is also available on new cars in the Russian market.

Driving connectivity

The Honda Connect system is the brand-new way of blending the head unit and smartphone opportunities into the driving experience. The Android-based system features the ‘pinch, swipe and tap’ interface accessible from either a seven-inch touchscreen or a five-inch LCD display. The service mirrors the Android tablet experience, allowing to customise both the interface and the software in an easy and intuitive way.

Honda Connect comes with pre-install apps, with others available for download from the Honda App Center. The software is used for satellite navigation, rearview camera, vehicle information, and radio. Multiple compatible apps provide rapid access to real-time traffic information, news and weather, social media, and music stations. The cloud-based solution enables a simple and cost-efficient way to ensure that the head unit always stays technologically up-to-date.

In addition to a new channel for distribution of the apps designed by third-party developers, the App Store features an e-payment solution operated by PayPal. The monetisation model enables Honda to benefit from the progress of its partners across the digital ecosystem.

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Tilaaja: Honda
Ajankohta: 2014 -
Roope Suomalainen, roope.suomalainen@ixonos.com


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