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Framery Oy Success Story - How to fuel local sales guys and dealers

ReferenssiFramery is a company building phone booths and huddle rooms. They started using Leadfeeder to boost sales for local sales guys and dealers. We interviewed Samu Hällfors, VP of Framery, to learn how they’ve been using Leadfeeder and hear what suggestions he has for other users.

Q: What does Framery do?

“We are building phone booths and huddle rooms for the best offices in the world. We deliver our products globally and most of our products go to the US.”

Q: Why did you try out Leadfeeder?

"We thought we were on the right track using Google Analytics, but then we realised it just wasn’t cutting it for lead generation. We’d heard some great things about Leadfeeder, so we gave it a try and soon after we decided to use it full scale. By that I mean give everyone access and use all the Premium features."

Samu Hällfors, Framery
"Leadfeeder proved to be an outstanding tool for deal generation and getting in-depth data from our website."

Q: How do you guys actually use Leadfeeder?

Framery's goal with Leadfeeder is to gather accurate information about website visitors and pass it onto relevant local sellers. With our business model the dealers are the ones who make most of the sales. We are using daily/weekly automatic emails to make sure leads from custom feeds reach local dealers.

Once the daily data is in the hands of the dealer they’re able to do some targeted marketing – however they choose – or direct sales to hot leads. Most of the times dealers just contact the lead to introduce the product as if they didn't know about the lead visiting our website. It works very effectively.

Q: Did you have any surprises?

I was honestly surprised and amazed by the accuracy of the data. We share sales leads with our salespeople and dealers and they definitely appreciate it – they’re often pretty impressed by the insights.

Infograph on how Leadfeeder powers Framery's sales network
What 3 other SaaS tools do you use daily?

Pipedrive CRM – as good as it gets

Google Apps for business – mail, documents, hangouts. It just works.

Flow – the best task manager

Samu's best 3 suggestions for using Leadfeeder

Use Leadfeeder daily. It's important to get hot leads followed up as quickly as possible.

Make custom feeds and share them with your salespeople and dealers. They will appreciate it.

Use Leadfeeder to measure the quality of your online marketing. Some online ads and visitors are more valuable than others. With Leadfeeder you can see if you are getting the right kind of companies visiting your website through online advertising.


Luulimme saavamme Google Analyticsistä riittävästi tietoa myyntiliidien generointiin, mutta se ei ollut tehokasta. Leadfeederin avulla saamme kerättyä tarkempaa tietoa nettisivujen kävijöistä ja pääsemme helpommin kiinni kaikkein potentiaalisimpiin asiakkaisiin.

Samu Hällfors, VP, Framery

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Tilaaja: Framery
Ajankohta: 2015 -
Samu Hällfors


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