ReferenssiUnSeen implemented first ever NB-IoT data transfer in DNA live network together with DNA.

In the pilot project, Narrow Band IoT technology (NB-IoT) was used in DNA live network for the first time. A service for measuring indoor air conditions in retail environment, was produced using the new technology.

NB-IoT is further refinement on existing 4G cellular technology but optimized for devices using only small amounts occasional data, such as water and electricity gauges which transmit bits according to a specified schedule. The technique enables longer range, coverage in even more challenging locations than before, and allows to connect hundreds of thousands users simultaneously. Furthermore, significant amount of energy will be saved, as the device is only actively sending signals when needed. The batteries will last longer, even up to 10 years. You don’t need to pay a visit to the site that often.

The new technology clearly helps in cutting down data connectivity costs on many fronts. Building equipment and solutions is made easier and the amount of applicable use cases will increase. Solution development costs can be divided to larger number of applications. When taken in use, it enables more connectivity ideas become economically viable. The technology gives companies a great opportunity to improve their competitiveness and profitability with new innovative solutions.

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