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Cuppla Technology is a Finnish start-up in education technology, with a several years’ expertise in global product development for various applications and mobile device management with market leaders. Cuppla is aiming to bring digital innovations into teachers’ and students’ everyday life. Cuppla has been developed together with teachers, parents and digital experts. The software has been tested in Finland as well as abroad, and the feedback has been flattering.

The solution recommended by UnSeen was proven to be just right. “With the quick development project, launching Cuppla to global markets is proceeding just like planned”, says Yafeng Wan, Product Development at Cuppla Technology.

Read more about Cuppla and UnSeen co-project from the Microsoft blog (in Finnish).

For more information, please contact: CEO Esa Alanen +358 50 4874 092

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UnSeen Labs found just the right solution for us. The project was carried out smoothly and intensely. UnSeen had a clear understanding of resources and time to accomplish optional solutions, and how they would affect to our business.

Kartila-Malmivaara, CEO at Cuppla Technology Ltd.

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