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Bird-watching app

ReferenssiBird watching is a hugely popular hobby and National Geographic wanted to provide a unique mobile experience for all the bird watchers. Ixonos, together with National Geographic experts, dreamed, designed and delivered a stunning app to take bird watching to a new level.

National Geographic wanted to improve the bird watching experience both by making the actual bird watch more convenient as well as giving the watchers better opportunities for interactivity. To create a mobile application that would offer great bird watching experiences, they needed to find a partner with the capability to innovate a beautiful, user friendly app.

Ixonos and National Geographic innovated together an app that enabled bird watchers not only to identify birds in a completely new way but also to keep track of their watches and share those with others. Throughout the process one of the world’s leading bird experts, Jonathan Alderfer, also gave his contribution, in order to ensure that the app really meet the needs of the target group. The app that was developed comprises the entire 640-page National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America book, and much more. The app was designed to make bird watching as intuitive as possible. It has a real-time search and filter interface allowing the user to easily identify any bird based on various criteria. It also makes it very convenient to keep a diary of what birds has been seen and when. Additionally the app provides fun and helpful features such as quizzes and a toolkit with a glossary, bird watching ethics etc.

The app designed for National Geographic turns bird watching to a completely new kind of experience. It allows the bird watcher to carry with them a huge amount of information by just having their phone or tablet with them. The search functions makes identifying birds so much easier than from a book, since you can start to narrow down the options by filtering birds using different criteria. In addition to making bird watching easier the app also offer the user a great deal of fun in form of games and quizzes. By offering their customers this beautiful app National Geographic enhances their customer engagement and positions them as the leading source of nature information also in the digital world.


Ixonos, with their Finnish design sensibilities, beautifully translated this content into a clean, user-friendly app that offers easy navigation, vibrant imagery, and tons of innovative features to make it the most comprehensive birding app on the market.

NATALIE JONES, Digital Products Manager, National Geographic

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Tilaaja: National Geographic
Ajankohta: 2013


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