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Automated test framework

ReferenssiConstant improvements to productivity and fine-tuning of production processes require IT systems to also evolve agilely. Ixonos designed and delivered to Metso an automated test framework customised to meet the high-standards of industrial production environments.

Metso, a global supplier of technology and services in the process industries, attends to demanding industrial clients. In the automation segment, Metso helps customers develop production processes that improve cost, material and energy efficiency. Striving for continuous development and increased automation, Metso took on a framework development project, during which they piloted a set of web test tools Ixonos developed. Happy with the pilot version, Metso wanted to license the web test framework from Ixonos.

Ixonos designed and delivered an automated web test framework based on Open Source software components, such as the Selenium framework and Python programming language. Ixonos developed a unique visual approach to web testing with a page model generator and page model test designer. These easy and intuitive tools make test development very fast without requiring extensive technical skills.

Ixonos’ experts fine-tuned the solution and its key functionalities to make it ideally suitable for Metso to use for monitoring the reporting systems of industrial production environments. Ixonos’ professionals also created for Metso a set of reusable regression test cases, performance test scenarios as well as load test scenarios. To fully support Metso in the implementation of the test framework, Ixonos gave on-site support when the test environment was delivered to production.

With Ixonos Web Test framework in place, under monthly license from Ixonos, Metso’s can use it to run automated test cases quickly and more effectively than previously. The high level of automation decreases the amount of manual labour required in web testing and the time saved here can be allotted to run other types of testing. The unique page-modelling feature allows the framework to be implemented to new environments quickly and easily, saving the full cost of framework development. With a wide array of test cases now a stable part of Metso’s continuous integration process, the feedback they gain is quicker and the test coverage higher than before. Effective and accurate testing in early development phase increases the stability of the systems used by Metso for monitoring critical industrial production.


During this project Ixonos manifested excellent know-how and top-rate capability in tailoring a solution for our needs even though the domain was partly new for Ixonos.

Mika Karaila, Manager of Research Programs, Metso Automation

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