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ArcelorMittal FCE offers "Demat" invoices


The main advantages for us are the cost savings, the international legal compliance and the ease of outsourcing. But electronic invoicing also provides significant financial, operational and ecological benefits to our customers.

DEMATERIALIZED INVOICES: a fully legal alternative to paper invoices

Customers of ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe (FCE) can choose to receive dematerialized or “demat” invoices: a fully legal alternative to paper invoices. The steel producer has introduced electronic invoicing in order to optimize its costs and offer a value-added service to its customers across Europe. To make this project a success, the company decided to work with Basware, a leading provider in Europe of electronic document exchange solutions.

“It is a win-win situation. The main advantages for us are the cost savings, the international legal compliance and the ease of outsourcing. But electronic invoicing also provides significant financial, operational and ecological benefits to our customers. Additionally, they have access to an online archive, where the invoices remain safely stored during the entire retention period. In this way, all information is easily retrievable in the event of a VAT inspection or a disagreement.” 


ArcelorMittal FCE offers its customer the choice between integrated data exchange (Full EDI), interactive data exchange (Web EDI) and PDF via e- ail. 

The advantages are most pronounced for Full EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) because the invoice data are fully automatically verified and validated in the recipient’s existing back-officesystem. As manual operations are virtually eliminated, administrative tasks run smoothly and error-free, which helps to strengthen the customer-supplier relationship. The Basware e-Invoicing solution can be seamlessly integrated with the majority of common ERP and accounting applications. 

For customers who are not ready for Full EDI, ArcelorMittal offers other valid solutions: customer can opt to receive his invoices in XML and PDF format in a secure mailbox on the Internet. As an alternative solution, an e-mail with attached PDF can also be sent to the customer.


“Today 30% of our customer invoicing are dematerialized invoices. But every month we see a growth in number of customers onboarding as well as an increase of the electronic invoices. Especially PDF invoices via mail has a high growth,” says the Invoicing Responsible at ArcelorMittal FCE. “In 2009, we have sent about 25,000 invoices via Basware. 

Today we exchange no less than 32,000 customer invoices a month to customers located across Europe.” In order to grow the number of e-invoices, ArcelorMittal FCE not only mobilizes its own Key Account Managers, but also calls on the services of Basware. With its proven customer activation program, Basware helps companies to quickly set up a connection with as many trading partners as possible in a structured and qualitative way. 


“Dematerialization is the perfect way to treamline our invoicing process."

the Invoicing Responsible at ArcelorMittal

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