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Rovio took the world by storm in 2009 with Angry Birds, an international mobile game phenomenon that quickly became the most downloaded game of all time. Over the years, Angry Birds has seen rapid growth and evolved into an entertainment brand that covers not just mobile games, but animation, books and more.

With all this growth, however, the website for Angry Birds had not kept up with the times. Due to this, Rovio invited Evermade to help build a new nest for their flock.

The Challenge

Rovio wanted to completely reimagine Angrybirds.com to something that more closely resembled the brand that Angry Birds had become: wild, crazy and fun. The website needed to be visually explosive and surprising – it had to look unique, in the sea of boxes that make up most of the web.

The company houses some of the most talented artists in Finland, who produce a huge amount of high-quality visual assets. Due to this, the system needed to be flexible, allowing the artists to unleash their creativity without being bound to the limitations of traditional website structures.

Due to the swift growth of the company, the old website had grown cumbersome and laborious to maintain. We had to address this issue by simplifying and streamlining the experience for both maintainers and visitors alike.

As the website is used primarily for marketing – to drive people into games and other Angry Birds products – the site needed to be fast and optimized to keep the visitors engaged.

The Solution

Angrybirds.com transformed into a simple site with five main sections. We focused the experience across the board by shedding away what wasn’t needed, and leaving only the bits and pieces that truly matter. In addition to the main sections, every Angry Birds game has their own page in the Games section. This allowed Rovio to move away from maintaining a smörgåsbord of legacy websites built for their older games.

Thanks to Evermade’s homegrown block system, Rovio now has the ability to create visually striking and tailor-made pages without writing any code. To break the hard edges between blocks, additional images – separators – can be inserted between them. This gives the pages a flowy feel, as each block melts to the next.

Not a single R, G or B was spared on the colorful, saturated visuals on the site. But even with the extensive amount of images used throughout the site, the pages still load fast thanks to careful image optimisation. Not wanting to compromise usability or performance, animations are subtle and used sparingly. Instead of opting for heavy animation on the website elements, background videos are used bring movement and life to the site.

The Outcome

The finished product became a visually engaging experience that serves the needs of all parties. The solution allows creativity to flourish while maintaining a streamlined structure that keeps everything accessible and simple (but fun!).

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Tilaaja: Rovio
Ajankohta: 2016


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