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Remember the times of the good ol’ print advertising? When the Sunday paper was The Place to look for new career opportunities. It wasn’t so long ago. And still at least here in Finland there are plenty of geographical areas where people have not succumbed to the social media so badly they don’t read print anymore.

In the era of print job advertising we did bundling. We bundled all the vacancies, all the job openings we had into a one big advert. To make an impact and save money. It was a good thing! However, bundling jobs is not a good thing anymore when you advertise them on the web.


When one targeted during the print advertising era, you chose the newspaper. And then you bundled. Your advertisement was targeted to all the readers of that news paper. Web and social media allow us to target much much better. In fact, targeting like you targeted before is not targeting anymore. It’s called spamming. When you choose your media your newspaper become Facebook or Linkedin. If you advertise without any targeting in Facebook or Linkedin your not just wasting your money, your creating bad will because you spam. People may tick off your advert because it’s irritating them. People using social media do not like random advertising. Social media was not meant for advertising, it was meant for networking and socializing. If you’re going to advert, you’re going to have to be subtle.

Imagine a conversation face to face with a stranger:

– Hey you! You must apply to our jobs x, y, z, a, b, d t and w! Apply now, we’re gonna proceed with the best ones immediately!

– Who are you? I’m not one bit of interested in your jobs, not one, not any of them. Why would you just jump into my face and start screaming your business to me?

That’s non targeted advertising in the web and social media. Being subtle means choosing your party based on where you think your target audience most likely will be, then selecting which room walk around, getting to know people, having chats, asking what they do right now, what they like and so on. And once you’ve danced around your prey long enough, you suggest kindly:

– Would you be interested in hearing about our job opportunity? Here’s the link where you can find more information about us, what we offer you and what this job opportunity will be alike.

Obviously you can bundle all the jobs you like, but you are limiting your chances of distributing them, getting them seen and opened (and read). We have such a great opportunities to target our HR marketing these days, we’d be silly not to.

Job Boards do now allow bundling

It’s one opening per job advert and that’s that. That is their business, so they won’t allow through job adverts that seem to work also against their business model. And it’s good, because as said, bundling is not good for your hiring results.

Even if you did try putting all the information into the same body text, you’re hands will be wrapped tightly with the job title and the specifics from locations to categories. Your title for the job description should be as specific as possible to attract clicking it open. If it’s vague, it won’t get attention. If you use a title for one of the positions bundled into the same advert, imagine your reaction if you were sent an advertisement for, let’s say a flashy car or a great luxury vacation, and the content had almost all but that. You probably won’t accept adverts from that advertiser ever again.

What happens if you do try a general title

If your title (for the job ) is too general, trying to cover all the x number of positions described in the body text will be difficult. You’ll probably end up with a very general description which attempts to work for all the positions in the body text.

Everyone who is in marketing knows general and result are not running in the same campaign. When you try to shoot everything at once, you’ll be hitting nada.

One crucial thing with any advertising is that you have to think how your target audience is behaving. When the talent goes into the job board and starts looking for jobs, what do they do? How do they go about? How does the job board function? What opportunities do you have in order to get your target audience’s attention when many other companies are fighting for the same attention.

Usually there are search buttons on the job board. You enter your search and get a list of search results in the form if a link. That list may be long or short. In the popular commercial sites, the list is usually very long. No one is going to click through randomly all the job adverts.

The title of your job advert forms the link on the list. If your title is too general, it will not be clicked. Your job advert will not be clicked open and read. There, you lost that game.

It’s gonna be a long and irrelevant, who’s gonna read it?

One of the top major complaints about job hunting is the content of the job advert. Job seekers say all the time how bad companies are in describing the need and the offering. For years there has been the saying:

“Just change the logo on the top, and you can use the same job advertisement for any other company.”

When you bundle, you’re going to end up telling nothing about the position and your offering. Nothing, because you run out of space. A job advert with no information is the same as an empty sheet of paper. You may think there is a lot of information but the last time I saw a bundling, I could not have been able to explain to you what they were looking for, what the job offered and how the company was as an employer. I was not able to market it to the people it was intended to. I didn’t get who they wanted to see it. Targeting is not choosing your Sunday paper. It’s not choosing all front end developers there are. It’s about choosing front end developers who have the level of skills required, are interested in developing their skills into the same direction you need, who’s working habits and preferences match those with your company culture, to whom your job is accessible and so on. Choosing all front end developers is not targeting.

Consider job advert as a news

Job advert is news. And when you write news, there is a certain structure that is necessary to entertain the reader from start to finish. And because it’s important for the message to go through, attract certain types of people for a call to action, it’s going to have to be relevant and interesting enough for them.

Job advert is not for you. It’s for the person who has no idea about your company, your expectations, your job offering, your opportunities. If you want to have the right time of call to action, you’re going to have to give this information. Bundling it up, well, that may well turn into a collection of short stories without a jump to -link. If it’s going to be a long and irrelevant one, no one is going to read it.

What I’m trying to say is that job advertising and job marketing offers us so much better opportunities for targeted actions which we overlook when we bundle positions together. Bundling is not effective and by doing so, you’re making something that is most likely already hard (like finding talents is) even harder for your company for no reason! It’s like baking a cake but just deciding to leave the baking powder on the side. It’s there, I’ve got it, but not gonna use it!

We’re not doing job marketing for us. We are doing it to reach the people we want to apply for the job. They have so many companies trying to reach them, the best ones will really not go through the trouble of digging for something that it’s not directly available until you have managed to excite them, arouse their interest. The job advert is step one. If you want to have your target audience take further steps, be more specific and feed them.

We all know how much hiring costs. It’s unnecessary to make it even more expensive. Bundling jobs is not saving money for you. Quite the opposite.

And yes, there is a difference between looking for several people into one position and cramping up several positions into a one odd one.

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Written by: Susanna Rantanen
>> Originally posted in Heebo blog


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