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I’m one of those people who always aim for a maximum value with a relative minimum effort. There are so many exciting things to do and accomplish, I don’t want to waste my time on anything that is not valuable in the long run.

That same goes for my hiring tactics. When I hire, I don’t just think about the boots I want to hand forward, I’m looking at the entire shoe rack and thinking about my future needs too. I don’t measure the success of a single hiring process just based on whether someone gets hired or not. Many times a successful hiring case may well be successful, just because I chose not to hire anyone from it. What I do appreciate is how much easier can every case make the next case.

Over the years I have been involved a lot in recruiting. I’ve hired the traditional way, made mistakes, learned from my mistakes, tested new approaches and studied hiring a lot. I’ve develop my skills, and learned what works and what doesn’t. Based on my personal experiences, I’ve developed a specific method, what I call
the culture based hiring -method. This method goes well beyond just filling those boots seeming empty at the moment. As an entrepreneur, I’m foremost interested that every hire I make is a wise business decision with an excellent ROI. Don’t get that wrong though. I hire people I want to spend time with, accomplish goals together, have a beer or go for a walk with. People I become to admire and love. So even though I talk about ROI, my people are not a number to me. Just to make that clear.

How do I manage that is through the culture based hiring -method. I figured, it’s time to share it for the wider audience, not just with our customers.

So what’s it about?

Culture based hiring -method

  • Evaluates, assesses and profiles the real need based on business needs, position related goals and targets and the expectations the workplace culture sets for a person’s preferable working style
  • Promotes the company as a workplace: points out the differences (in comparison to other similar vacancies out there) based on the reality of the job, the culture, the expectations, the employer value proposition
  • Takes advantage of the opportunity to develop the employer brand through the entire recruiting process, including and especially the candidate experience
  • Makes hiring decisions (and not to hire -decisions) based on the match with the absolute selection criteria and the culture fit, not just one or the other, but both
  • Is not willing to make compromises, because those tend to have a long lasting negative effect and someone has to clean up the mess
This method is sharp, precise and targeted. It is always tightly linked to the business and the people already working in the organization. The method helps to recognize what the hiring need really is based on the company business goals. It helps to figure out which skills and experience are truly relevant and necessary in order to reach those business goals, and finally, what type of attitude and working style work best in the interest of the goals as well as the rest of the people working in the organization.

In addition, this method understands, that every recruitment process is actually a marketing process in which we must woo the target audience in order to win them over. That’s why this method also takes into account what the company, the open vacancy and the people in the company have to offer in order to make this a thrilling opportunity for our target person. Because we all know, no matter how good and experienced we may be in something, if we don’t feel like using those skills and experience, what good does it do to our goals?

The many things that affect the outcome of your hiring process

The sad fact and the truth is that we can never be sure, if we will find the best match, and have someone to offer the job when we start hiring. Obviously, you can always sell your house, if you price it low enough, but do you want to do that? The same goes for hiring. Making a wrong hiring decision, as we all know, can be a very expensive mistake. In addition to the physical costs, an unfit hire very often demotivate other team members as well. Demotivated people are less likely to reach their goals. One bad hire can therefore mess up the entire team’s ability to meet business goals. Autch.

We can do many things to maximize the potential of the wanted outcome, but we need to first know what we are fighting against.

There are many things affecting the potential outcome of a recruitment process:

  • How rare are the skills and experience we are looking for? Are these people on the job market?
  • How realistic is our offering in comparison to our expectations?
  • How much competition is there after the same profile?
  • Are they after it at the same time with us? What is our stand with the competition?
  • How strong or weak is our employer appeal in general? Does our company name or brand say anything?
  • What do people talk about us out there? What is our reputation in general in the (talent) market? Do we have a reputation?
  • How swiftly will we proceed with the process? Slowness makes the best candidates disappear, because they take jobs elsewhere
  • In Finland, it can also be a very seasonal reason: during the + 12 years I’ve been involved in recruiting, every year the impending holiday seasons severely affect hiring. You just have to know how to work around it.

Why culture based hiring -method works

If we think about all the many things working against our favor, I think it’s fair to say each opportunity to be in contact with our target audience should be heavily taken advantage of. You should really pump it, drain it out of all value, squeeze even the last bit of value out of it.

Culture based hiring -method works, because:

  • It differentiates our need from others seemingly similar and makes us stand out
  • It makes sure we are looking for the right skills, experience and attitude that most likely solve the problems and produce the results we have set for the position, and that help our business
  • Our need is so sharply communicated, it hits the right target, and inspires the right target
  • It helps us make the best hiring decisions – both to hire or not to hire – because the selection criteria is sharp, fine tuned and clearly communicated
  • The ability to make the best hiring decisions becomes scalable. It’s no longer up to the most experience recruiter in the house to make the right call, be it the CEO or the HR manager.
With the Culture based hiring -method, I promise you, every single recruitment process you start, regardless of the outcome, will build your employer brand, develop job satisfaction and pride within your company, make hiring less of a burden and more of a fun & feel good -job, and eventually grow the success rate of each individual hiring case with less effort placed in them.

When you hire culture based, you cannot help making hiring decisions with better ROI for the company and the people in the company.

Having had tested this method over and over again in practice, we are developing the Heebo hiring tool to scale this method and the culture based hiring -skills to any company and hiring manager, that want to gain better ROI with their hiring without jeopardizing job satisfaction, engagement and culture.


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Written by Susanna Rantanen


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