Versoteq @Slush with Tactile maps

Tilaaja: Slush

Ajankohta: 2015

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö:

Tagit: CAD, Asiantuntijapalvelut, 3d tulostus, 3d mallinnus


Indoor/ Outdoor hybrid tactile map

The maps of Slush 2015 are our first indoor/ outdoor hybrid tactile maps. The maps are a great example of our "design for all" approach. The maps show the surroundings with real shapes and actual buildings in place so that people with disabilities get a clear understanding of the area. Additionally, many Slush visitors with normal vision commented that the 3D dimensional maps with colors indeed helped them read the maps faster and more easily.

We received a lot of positive feedback on the map and also few improvement ideas. Acquiring feedback was one of the main objectives of doing this indoor/outdoor hybrid pilot with Slush. We were happy with the outcome and are looking to develop the service for indoor maps in the future.


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