Valmet Low Solids - Remote Monitoring and Control

Tilaaja: Valmet Oyj

Ajankohta: 2015 -

Tagit: Laatu, turvallisuus ja ympäristö, Tuotekehitys ja suunnittelu, Arkkitehtuuri, Integraatiot, IoT, Ohjelmistokehitys, Prosessiteollisuus, Valmistava teollisuus, Konsultointi, Valmisohjelmisto, Toteutustyö


Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS) allows wastewater treatment plant operators to measure low solids in difficult applications like centrifuge centrate and aeration tank mixed liquor suspended solids

The solution allows monitor and control of the installed sensors through a web based application. The application is built on top of the Elisa IoT Thingworx architecture.

Through the web application the users can access operational data, usage parameters and alarm information from all the sensors. Later the application can be integrated with other Valmet’s systems and the data combined and analyzed on a wider scale.


The need for sensor remote monitoring implementation was derived from needs of everyday field use. The challenge was to have the basic functionality ready quickly and cost-effectively and still have system-wide possibility for further development of the features.

Mika Karaila


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