The Importance of Quality and Accurate Information on E-Commerce Websites

Tilaaja: Jasco Products

Ajankohta: 2015 -

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You may not know Jasco Products, but you’ve probably seen their products on the shelves of top U.S. retailers. With an array of General Electric (GE) licensed products from surge protectors to floral LED night lights and products stocked in stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, Jasco has a unique relationship with both consumers and the distributors who sell their products.

This unique relationship leads to unique website goals.

Quality is important to Jasco Products because their site really is a first impression for potential customers or people who have already purchased their products.

“For us being a licensing company with GE, a lot of people don’t know what Jasco is,” King said. “So our website is a first impression for them, and we want to give them a well put together website. Siteimprove gives us a tool to improve our overall impression for consumers.”

Go here to download the Jasco Products case study:


"I like the Quality Assurance tool because broken links and misspellings may seem like something small, but it's very important. If you have a professional website you definitely don't want misspellings and broken links out there, it just makes you look bad no matter who you are."

Anthony King - Web Administrator


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