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Sunit V24 Patrol-Assist is by Sunit Oy launched Traffic enforcement Video-application which includes ANPR.

The application is tailored into Sunit In-Vehicle Computer and is also installable afterward. It is a cost-effective solution for all Traffic Enforcement patrol cars.

It have 2 camera interfaces for Traffic Enforcement plus 1 or 2 IR-Cameras for Capturing in Dark conditions. The swap of Traffic Enforcement cameras is controlled by Touch on Video stream. Swapping does not affect any breaks of Video stream.

In addition, the camera-interfaces can be equipped with Radars, which are swapped due to Camera’s. The main function of radars are controlled by touch on screen.

Onto Video stream, the application adds on each frame, the common information as Patrol-Speed, GPS-data, Time, Patrol-ID, Voice, Target-vehicle Speed, etc. The labelled information is synchronized between Camera and Time plus GPS.

On drive, the police author can by touch easily insert “MOBs” (“Man-Over-Board” incidents, e.g. during Chace-operation) onto the Video, which are marked on Playback for ease searches.


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