Sanipex Streamlines Mobile Device Management Processes with Miradore Online

Tilaaja: Sanipex Group

Ajankohta: 2015 -

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SANIPEX GROUP is a market leading supplier of quality bathrooms, tiles and plumbing materials throughout the UK, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australasia.

Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1995, as a representative to a handful of European manufacturers, the company today conducts business in over 30 countries across four continents and represents over 50 of the world’s leading brands, including its own highly successful BAGNODESIGN and AQUAZONE brands.

With an ever increasing number of mobile devices, Sanipex needed a simple solution for centrally managing all their devices without having to install expensive hardware.

Managing and tracking health and security settings was a manual process that usually required physical access to the device. Keeping track of each device and having the ability to locate and remotely wipe a lost/stolen device involved accessing lots of different systems which sometimes didn’t even work.

Sanipex found Miradore Online to be a perfect cloud based solution to centrally manage all their devices from any location. Miradore Online is an easy to use system with a great dashboard that provides instant visibility to the state of mobile devices, highlighting the areas that need attention.

Having a single place to configure and deploy security configurations has helped to simplify the management of the devices and ensured that they are as secure as they can be. Management of devices has been further enhanced by email alerts that can be triggered from any security events.


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