Neoxen Enters in Smart Services in the Cloud

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Neoxen Systems, the "Triple-D" certified provider of Microsoft Azure based information and learning management solutions, announces new level of support for emerging Smart Services for public sector and enterprises. Neoxen technology now certified for Hybrid and Public Clouds.

”For the past six months we have been working closely with the key standardization bodies and industry alliances, such as AIOTI assigned by the European Commission, to ensure we are on the right track with our technology. The new generation of connected services and embedded technologies goes through the whole society. This requires standards compliant and certified solutions. IoT, and digitalization in general, with smart urban development, new services for e-society and rapidly growing shift to smart appliances require trusted technology providers with proven track record.” tells Esa Tervo, CEO at Neoxen Systems.

”We are happy to announce these new compliances to our customers and partners. High security, safety and verified compliance with the latest technologies and standards are fundamental requirements. Meeting the highest compliance levels in hybrid and public clouds are part of our long term strategy. As a cloud specialist, this approach enables us to continue to provide even wider range of connected smart services for public sector and industries alike.”

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