Heartbeat recording device

Tilaaja: Firstbeat

Ajankohta: 2012

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö: teppo.kuisma@ixonos.com

Tagit: Open source, Tuotekehitys ja suunnittelu, Integraatiot, Ohjelmistokehitys, Mobiilikehitys, Valmisohjelmisto, Terveys- ja sosiaalipalvelut


Firstbeat Technologies has developed an innovative heart rate variability based analysis technology for measurement of stress, recovery and exercise. Ixonos played a significant role in helping Firstbeat innovate and further develop their measurement device, making it the most advanced device for lifestyle assessments in terms of user experience and reliability.

Firstbeat has had a measurement device for the needs of healthcare, well-being and fitness professionals, to support the use of long-term monitoring in lifestyle assessments. They wanted to increase the performance of the device, and at the same time, to make it as small and unobtrusive as possible. In order to be able to achieve all this, Firstbeat needed to find a reliable partner with the capabilities of designing and developing an improved device that fulfills all their requirements.

Ixonos and Firstbeat worked closely together to ensure a common understanding of the needs for the new improved device, after which Ixonos provided Firstbeat a release of the new device in a turnkey mode. To meet the high performance requirements, Ixonos was able to integrate Firstbeat’s unique software algorithm to run one hundred times faster when transferred to the embedded world. This extends the battery life, which is critical for a small device. Ixonos also optimized the file management system to improve the data transfer via USB by 400%, making the upload process to computer much faster.

When Ixonos created the industrial design for Firstbeat, it was vital to ensure that the device works flawlessly independent of the skin type, any possible skin movement during exercise, or harsh weather conditions. This was guaranteed by continuously having the design go through an extreme testing process during the development. One innovation that Ixonos introduced to the device was making it start automatically when it is attached to the skin and this way eliminating the risk for losing measurement data because of oblivion.

The improved performance of the device now makes it possible to do uninterrupted measurements over longer time intervals. It also allows measuring movement, R-R interval and ECG, all at the same time. When gathering more information at one time the lifestyle assessments are highly improved, since they give a much wider picture of the lifestyle than has been possible before. The ease of use, small size, extended battery life and the extreme comfort of the device, have highly improved the user experience making the lifestyle assessments as simple as possible for users.


Firstbeat chose Ixonos as its partner due to its experience in the field of electronics and embeddedsoftware. The collaboration with Ixonos has been simply excellent. Ixonos has a broad set of skills in-house and they have shown great attitude in solving problems and making our product come true.



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