Cutting GPS Costs by 75% for Energy Field Data Collection Using iPad with TerraGo Edge and EOS Arrow 100 GNSS Receiver.

Tilaaja: Pipeline services company

Ajankohta: 2015

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Enmapp’s Customers Reap the Benefit of the Mobile Revolution

In that difficult economic environment, Enmapp, a leading pipeline services company based in Calgary, Canada, decided to switch its data collection process to an iPad with TerraGo Edge application installed. It is linked with an Eos Arrow 100 GNSS receiver through Bluetooth, after a rigorous trial showed that the combination’s accuracy was comparable to—and in some places better than—that of the dedicated GPS device.EOS Arrow 100

In that move, Enmapp is joining construction companies, first responders, government agencies, retail stores, and a host of other organizations in the mobile revolution, which is generating billions of dollars in savings in data-collection costs.

“The hardware savings are enormous with the new GPS kit at less than $10,000, compared to the old kit, which was over $70,000,” said Lance Fugate, program manager at Enmapp. “But the ongoing reduction of labor costs is even more valuable over time.”

It’s an example of how data companies are feeding that flow of return on investment going to shareholders. Read the full article:

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EOS Positioning Systems on kanadalainen yritys, joka on erikoistunut Android, Apple ja Windows tableteille ja älypuhelimille suunniteltuihin GPS/GNSS tarkkuuspaikannuslaitteisiin.


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