Crasman, AddSearch Implementer

Tilaaja: Crasman

Ajankohta: 2014

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö: Eemeli Söderholm

Tagit: Markkinointi, Myynti, Tuotekehitys ja suunnittelu, Graafinen suunnittelu, Pilvipalvelut / SaaS, Sisällönhallinta, Webkehitys, Julkaisujärjestelmä CMS, IT, Valmisohjelmisto


Search is often an afterthought. It's a feature that is expected in web, but rarely gets a proper design or enough development time. For the most part, it ends up being barely functional and nearly useless for the end-user. AddSearch is changing that. Within minutes you get a system that exceeds the expectations and requires little to no configuration. Instant results with page previews alone are usually far beyond the minimal development budget for the search, but with AddSearch you can have them and give your end-user something really useful and valuable, for a change.

Eemeli Söderholm
Web Developer / Crasman


Eemeli Söderholm


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