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I wanted to show an example of what our targeted social marketing efforts can do to a recruitment campaign. This is a recent campaign for a position one of our customers opened via Heebo software. The campaign was in Finnish, and it was targeted on the capital area of Finland.

What we did was profile the position and write the job post, then post the advert on the Heebo Job Board and on Linkedin. After that, we shared the Linkedin job post once around social media, but left it then to see how well Linkedin can pull views. After all, it’s a massive media with a massive amount of people using it on a daily basis. The advert on Heebo Job Board on the other hand was heavily marketed, and in addition to 59 other means and efforts, we also posted a teaser advert on Oikotie to widen the reach. However, we don’t use the commercial job boards very often. Only when we really think they can add value to our customer’s case. In this case, based on the target profile, we figured it would be an added value.

Ingredients of the campaign

Our team heavily shared and boosted the job post (on Heebo) over the application period (3 weeks 2 days). After sharing this one on total of about 60 channels (boards, groups, feeds and pages) on the web and social media, we also boosted the job post few times a week in various media and the social networks of Heebo as well as of our team.

We also made a targeted Facebook advertising campaign for this position. Not only to get audience for this particular position, but to also build the customer’s employer brand including other content we have created for them. This way every hiring process via Heebo is smoothing the path for the next.


The results [of the marketing campaign] are captured in this picture below. Our customized efforts doubled the views in comparison to Linkedin. Out of the 60 applications, 16 came via Linkedin Job Post. The actual selection process is on going, so we don’t yet know if there will be a hire.

>> See the pic about the results

Linkedin communicates, on the average a job post published as a Linked in job ad gets 563 views and 87 applicants. I have to assume most of the adverts are posted in English.

>> See LinkedIn stats

I’m worried about the views, because if no one sees your advert, they cannot apply. The more the people can see it, the more likely it is there are people not just to apply, but also to share it.

Lessons learned

1. It doesn’t pay off to be passive in recruitment marketing

Quite clearly one of the two lessons learned from this is that if you just leave your job post passively on a job board, it will not perform to it’s potential. Instead, when you actively use your resources in order to spread the love (the post, that is), you get much better results.

2. You have to know who your target audience is (profiling) and where you can find them

I’ve heard on the average jobs are posted in Finland to 3-5 media including the company’s own website. It’s not a whole lot of media. And if you just leave it [the ad] there, and wait until the deadline is due, well, you decrease your chances even further.

And what if you chose the wrong channels? Do you know where to reach your target audience? They will give you tips on how to find them, but you have to know who they truly are. Being passively out there is not the smartest move.

3. Good news: If you don’t know how to, or have no time. We can do this for you.

Just holler as at heebo(at) and we’ll let you know how.

Written by Susanna Rantanen
> Originally posted on Heebo blog



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