Case DevOps Engineer: The Difference Between LinkedIn Jobs & The Heebo Approach

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DevOps Engineer can be a tough hire to make. Like most technical roles, technology requirements develop currently faster than skills, and the top notch talent are rare to find. They do not seek for new career opportunities in the same places as talents in other fields, and arousing their interest is a whole different ball game unless you are one of “the whoever are” the top 3 media sexy tech companies.

Here is a recent example. DevOps Engineer, a rare species. The same advert was posted on Linkedin Jobs and on the Heebo Job Board. The Linkedin Jobs post was boosted by sharing it within Linkedin. The Heebo alternative was boosted by sharing it with weekly boosts, in various media, networks and channels. And not just by one person, but by many people to reach as wide audience as possible.

The difference is quite remarkable. In any hiring process, we should never work for just the one hiring need. We have to build a dialogue with our target audience. We must seek their interest in our company as a potential future employer. We have to be proactive, go where they are, and give them the value they need at that time in order to gain their trust towards us as an employer. They may not apply now. Or this may not be the job they want to approach next. But, our next job opportunity can be. And if they are our target audience, their friends are probably too. If they feel they get value from us, they are most likely to share our hiring need further to a friend.

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Hiring is no longer about waiting aggressively. It’s about building relationships, going where the target audience is, earning their trust and interest by giving them the kind of value they need right now. It’s about using every single hiring process to make the next one easier, and accepting the fact that if hiring is difficult now, we should work even harder to make it easier for the future. We should not be treating hiring as single events that are in no way linked to each other.

This is the Heebo approach complementing the Heebo hiring app. If you want to know more about it, well check out our services here >> or get in touch with us via chat or here >>.


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