C.A.T., Inc. Selects Tosibox Technology for Global Communications Network


C.A.T., Inc. (CAT) is the world’s leading supplier of chilling systems, injection systems, whole muscle pumps, and plant monitoring and weighing systems. CAT was looking for a way to access their global systems remotely from anywhere for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes at client locations. Some locations were remote and provided a communications challenge and other locations were notorious for being complicated to work with the local IT teams who did not want “outside systems” being part of their network. CAT looked at numerous remote access solutions.

“In the final analysis we chose Tosibox because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, the additional security provided by the hardware key, the ease of user management, and in some global locations because it makes it virtually impossible for the local IT Teams to block access to these systems.”

“Now with Tosibox, If one of our deployed systems has a problem, rather than talking the customer through troubleshooting or sending a service tech we can immediately access the machine and look at where in the code the problem occurred or what physical parameters have changed. We can then easily determine if it is a software problem or if a component has failed. Systems can be updated remotely and securely right from our offices.”

“…If you aren’t using Tosibox you’re doing something wrong.“ comments Ray Balaster, Controls Engineer from the company C.A.T. Inc..

Referenssi C.A.T., Inc. Selects Tosibox Technology for Global Communications Network
Tilaaja: C.A.T. Inc.
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