Analytics tool for pharmacological data

Tilaaja: PharmaSight

Ajankohta: 2016

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö: Timo Heikkinen

Tagit: BI ja raportointi, Analytiikka, Open source, Terveys- ja sosiaalipalvelut, Valmisohjelmisto, Analytiikka, algoritmit, visuaalinen analytiikka


Top Data Science, a data analytics and software engineering firm, created an analytics tool for PharmaSight.

“Our aim is to build a digital tool which provides physicians with comprehensive pharmacological data within just minutes”, says Pauli Puirava, pharmacist and PharmaSight founder. “The people at Top Data Science are real professionals, reliable and, last but not least, hungry for this kind of projects. I feel privileged to work with such a professional team. They seem to have everything ready almost at the speed of my thought"
The tool contains an algorithm utilizing a database of medicines to calculate and analyze information on, for example, adverse effects. Top Data Science also designed a web based user interface for the solution. 

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Pauli Puirava


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