Altoros tehosti Sonyn Design-keskuksen toimintaa

Tilaaja: Sony

Ajankohta: 2012

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö: Ari Mutanen

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Sony product design team, one of the most advanced global products
engineering workforces in the world, is committed to innovate in fast-paced
markets, creating disruptive products and services that enable new lifestyles.
Due to the standardization of product engineering processes, pricing
pressure, margin compression, and increased consumer expectations, Sony
was faced with the task of accomplishing more complex product
development with limited and shrinking time frames and product release

Sony engineering group needed an online publishing platform to store digital assets,
and to easily share, retrieve, and discuss them with colleagues. The publishing
platform could play the role of a knowledge base, which could help not
only facilitate collaboration among team members, but also help to retain
knowledge inside the company.

By leveraging Altoros's specialized Java software product design, architecture, and quality assurance services, Sony was able to:
• Improve collaboration between more than 200 designers and engineers across three continents
• Enhance capabilities to sustain more complex product development
with decreasing product release schedules
• Focus on core business activities while Altoros managed software design, architecture, development, and testing
• Reduce development costs

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“We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using standard software development methodologies and cutting edge technologies. We are very impressed with the final product which was delivered on time and on specification,"

Christopher Adorna


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