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RekryilmoitusSulzer is a global leader in pumping and blending technology. In Finland we manufacture process pumps, mixers and compressors for demanding processes in various industries. Our operations are based on customer partnerships. Together we develop energy and environment saving solutions for our customers. Strong expertise and diversity is our key to the success. About 450 Sulzer people work in Finland in Kotka, Helsinki, Vantaa, Mänttä, Oulu and Rauma. Helsinki Product Development Unit is responsible for the development of magnetic bearings, high-speed compressors and their control systems.

Software Designer for Product Development (Helsinki)

We will welcome you to Helsinki to be a part of our professional and innovative team to design the leading products in the business field!

As a software designer you will work as a part of our technology team. You will design and develop software for embedded electronics and its graphical user interfaces. The tasks include requirement specifications, architectural design, programming, testing and maintenance of software.

Professional requirements:

  • Extensive experience in programming.
  • Strong C and C ++ skills, also in larger software packages.
  • Knowledge of Qt and experience of graphical user interfaces. Linux skills are beneficial in this task.
  • Long-term attitude towards planning and development.
  • Ability to work independently, but you can also communicate with a broader technology group.
  • Ability to generate technical reports fluently in English. Finnish knowledge is a benefit.
  • Suitable degree, e.g. a graduate engineer in information technology.

We offer you:

Diverse and interesting tasks and development projects. We provide you an opportunity to be a part of a group that develops Finnish high technology and also an opportunity to expand your expertise and take responsibility.

You will get full support by colleagues and superiors from the top of their field.


Arttu Reunanen p. 010 234 5359


Send your application for this position at (Country: Finland).

We start interviewing as soon as possible and keep the position open until it has been filled.

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