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RekryilmoitusSolinor is growing and enthusiastic web and mobile development and design company full of talented people. We are now looking for sales and marketing lead with getting things done attitude to join us in our quest for building a company to be remembered.

What do we do?

We are developers and designers, helping our customers to build digital services to grow and support their business. We work mostly with web and mobile technologies. We work as consultants or deliver projects as complete solutions according to customer’s needs.

Our business is based on building the trust. In sales, we work with business and IT leaders in various industries, understanding and coaching the customer while delivering value from the first sales meetings. In our daily work, we are in contact with the potential customers, solve customer problems, have lunches, network in events, craft proposals and develop our ways of building the business. We work as a team to find meaningful work from both employee and customer perspective.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for getting things done minded Sales and Marketing Lead to develop our sales and marketing activities. You already have a firm track record of successful sales and marketing activities and know how great digital services are built. You feel at home coaching customers, solving problems and delivering solutions with them. You will have a skilled team to work with, but will get your own hands dirty… elbow deep. You are results oriented and enthusiastic with people, keen on delivering and developing.

We value your

  •    Proven track record of selling digital services to large accounts
  •    Understanding of modern marketing supporting the sales process
  •    Focus on long-term results and customer satisfaction
  •    Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Finnish and English. 
  •    Good understanding of software design and development in practice
  •    Proactive can-do-attitude
  •    Demonstration of leadership abilities 
  •    Active network in social media and real life 

You will value

  •    Great and motivated people to work with
  •    Empowerment in flat organization
  •    Freedom and responsibility
  •    Competitive salary
  •    Best tools of your choice
  •    Coaching and mentoring with great people
  •    Flexible work hours and remote work
  •    Team and company events

Interested in joining one of the best companies (in our humble opinion) in Finland? Give me a call or drop me an email and we’ll get to know better. 

Aki Koikkalainen

050 321 4756

Solinor Oy


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Sijainti: Helsinki


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