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"Working with Focus Flow we have been able to turn a basic email notification system with minimal end user interaction into a highly functional, interactive information application supporting the pastoral care of students with increased communication between parents and the school, and meeting the school’s legal attendance reporting requirements. The simplicity of the user interface immediately engages the schools and provides quick and easy access to event information (e.g. time and location) for parents, and has also significantly cut down the administration overhead for Teachers/Coaches. The experience and capability of the Focus Flow team has enabled our vision to become a reality. We worked with a number of Developers who were able to understand our requirements and troubleshoot any issues quickly. From a project and support perspective we had an international team with stakeholders in Australia, Switzerland, and The Philippines in addition to the Focus Flow team in Finland who were always very professional, supportive and accommodating of any request. As CEO of iBP I can highly recommend Focus Flow." "

-- Craig Grogan

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