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Digitalist Group kokemuksia

Digitalist Group kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka Digitalist Group Oyj on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiDigital design for iRoll software – Valmet’s intelligent technology

"The new iRoll UI is clear and reflecting our corporate brand, our customers have been very pleased with the new visuals."

-- Tatu Pitkänen, Manager, R&D, Valmet Service

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ReferenssiHeartbeat recording device

"Firstbeat chose Ixonos as its partner due to its experience in the field of electronics and embeddedsoftware. The collaboration with Ixonos has been simply excellent. Ixonos has a broad set of skills in-house and they have shown great attitude in solving problems and making our product come true."

-- JONI KETTUNEN, CEO, Firstbeat

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ReferenssiBird-watching app

"Ixonos, with their Finnish design sensibilities, beautifully translated this content into a clean, user-friendly app that offers easy navigation, vibrant imagery, and tons of innovative features to make it the most comprehensive birding app on the market."

-- NATALIE JONES, Digital Products Manager, National Geographic

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ReferenssiAutomated test framework

"During this project Ixonos manifested excellent know-how and top-rate capability in tailoring a solution for our needs even though the domain was partly new for Ixonos."

-- Mika Karaila, Manager of Research Programs, Metso Automation

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ReferenssiCargo-handling computer

"In the harbour terminal solutions, high reliability is needed. Thanks to Ixonos our control systems run more reliably helping our own and our customers service business."

-- PEKKA YLI-PAUNU, Kalmar at Cargotec

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