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Markus Kuuranta - asiantuntijaprofiili

AsiantuntijaI am a UX designer and one could describe me as a concept sculptor. I listen carefully to customers' needs, considering them from various points of view, eventually shaping those needs into digital concepts and fascinating user interfaces. It’s paramount for me to really grasp the true and sometimes unspoken needs of the user – and then add some visual umami. The most rewarding moments are those watching people using the solutions we’ve designed as a team, and see them in awe and genuinely connecting with our design.

Capturing and internalizing sometimes discrete customer requirements and communicating those to the team can sometimes be really demanding, but this is what I love about my job. I really enjoy working with developers, as their unique mindsets challenge my work often in unexpected ways. I enjoy collaborating with a really wide range of experts contributing to the end-result, each in their own way.

Our slogan is We stand for more. For me it means being more than the sum of our parts, every individual bringing their own expertise to the project. We are stronger together, to put it simple. Here at Bilot you can just be who you are, with no pressure of having to play any roles or worrying about fitting in. Being the father of a recent newborn has also taught me to appreciate the flexibility of our working environment.

On my free time I do pretty much the same things as at work – but with a twist. Somehow, no matter how busy I am, I always manage to fit in some personal projects into my schedule. I love playing computer games and I also develop educational games for kids. I used to be an active fencer too but with a baby on board, my sword-involving-activities have been sheathed for now.


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Nimike: UX Designer – Service Design & User Experience



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