Perlen laitepalvelimilla ja Ethernet-kytkimillä taataan keskeytyksetön virransyöttö New Yorkin tunnettuihin maamerkkeihin.

Tilaaja: New York City

Ajankohta: 2016

Toimittajan yhteyshenkilö: Kari Ruhanen

Tagit: Tietohallinto, Toiminnanohjaus ERP, DIO laitepalvelin, Ethernet-kytkin



The final product contained the alarms, I/O Device Servers and Industrial Ethernet Switches. Each had its operation pre-configured so that the Electrical Engineer could simply plug in the fiber cable and forget about it. These Remote Alarm Multiplexers have been installed throughout the Rockefeller Center, Two World Financial Center and the Pepsi Building to monitor UPS, HVAC and other environmental systems.


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